Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Hungry Hungry Hippos.

Every time I try and think of something to post, and sit down to write, something gets in my way! Or the topic is something I don't/can't write about in the internet, because the internet is FOREVER!!! Plus, I don't need to post every single little thing about my life online. I've been *trying* (with varying degrees of success) to cut back on what I post on Facebook. No one needs to see the amazing dinner I just made that is growing cold as I take a photograph of it and spend the next 5 minutes trying to upload to my profile.

However, a written post about my discoveries as I forge ahead into the world of making my own food is another matter entirely! Cooking is a life skill after all and I'd like to become a good cook.

So last night Best-Friend-Bombalurina came over and we cooked *sort of* Asian food. Or more like we made rice and vegetables and a sauce from the Mongolian Beef recipe off of the PF Chang's website (it's really yummy!). I also discovered that I bought way too much ginger (if it is possible to have too much ginger), so there shall be lots of ginger tea later. I also have an abundance of Green Onions, Garlic, and Eggs. No, eggs were NOT in the recipe, but I think combining the eggs with the garlic and onions could make a very good breakfast. Also could make for very smelly breath...let's check how much toothpaste I've got in stock right now.

Fact- I prefer savory flavors over sweet. Ice cream is nice, but I'll take a pickle over ice cream any day. I even ate pickles and ice cream together when I was really little. Yes, I know that's pregnant food. Didn't say that I still ate pickles and ice cream together...well...now that I think about it, might have to take a trip down memory lane...or not. Where's a York patty?

So things that I now can say I can cook-
Frozen Chicken in a toaster oven. We're going to branch out into fancy chicken soon.
Eggs (a few different ways)
Mongolian Beef sauce
Normal non-fancy vegetables. In other words, I can boil/bake/steam most things.
Quesodillas, cooked properly, in a pan with a little bit of butter and taco seasoning for some kick.  
Various toasted sandwiches, if that counts. 

I know the list is actually longer than this, but considering that most cooking I've done has been with pre-prepared food that comes from the frozen isle of a store, I'm very glad that I can actually cook something from scratch. I wish I knew how to cook more things. 

Therefore- over the next month I'm going to try and learn a few (relatively simple) recipes, and make up a lot of my own based on "What do I have in the fridge that I think will taste delicious when put together?"
Why you ask? Because it has occurred to me that I'm going to probably live on my own at some point in my life and I want to be able to cook yummy things and not just pop Trader Joe's orange chicken (although I do LOVE their orange chicken) into the oven every night and call it homemade cooking. Besides, cooking is fun. Maybe I'll try making my mom's honey-mustard curry chicken. 

I'm now going to go onto pinterest and make a ridiculous amount of pins to my pretty much non-existent cooking board.
Whoever came up with pinterest is evil and wants to take over the world by making people procrastinate while looking at pretty shiny objects. It's about as time consuming as browsing Etsy or (in my case) a half price bookstore.

Bookstore you say? Cookbook you say? hmmmm.....

Until next time!