Thursday, March 29, 2012

Palm Beach day 1- Posh?

Oh yes, it's very posh. Like mansions and espadrilles and ocean views posh.

Writing to you live from my hotel room in sunny (now starry) Florida! Beautiful weather.
Flight was good, a wee bit bumpy- but hey, I enjoyed the miniature roller coaster. I also caught a few zzzs so I was refreshed and ready to explore once I got off the plane!

The first adventure was to Target to get the things I couldn't bring on the plane with me, like shampoo. Then my dad and I went to see the Atlantic ocean and walked along the shore and picked up a few sea shells. 
Did I happen to mention how GORGEOUS this place is? It's absolutely stunning and clean and pretty and I'm a little scared to touch anything. I feel a bit like a sparrow among swans. Oh well, this place is supposed to get plenty of tourists, they'll just have to deal with me!
Honestly, the trick is to hold up your head and act like you belong. Treat everyone with respect and kindness and don't look like a deer in headlights.
So far I've felt very safe here and that's a majorly good thing. I've seen the exterior of the college campus that I'm visiting and it looks very nice and crammed and lovely. I can't wait to see it tomorrow. Other than my very middle class overwhelmedness at how expensive this area seems (think of Chicago's North Shore neighborhoods and add the ATLANTIC OCEAN with Spanish architecture), I think it's quite lovely. We'll see what I think after the midday heat of tomorrow.

Still very nervous about my audition for the college dance program on Saturday. Praying that things go well and I come away with a strong sense of whether or not I should be here.


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