Monday, May 7, 2012

Finals, Costumes, and a NEW BLOG!

A very diverse post, I think.

I haven't been posting about what's going on as much as I'd want to. In short, this week and next week are Finals for College and I've been busy.
Busy with Homework
Busy getting over a nasty cold that made me miss 3 DAYS OF DANCE!!!! Colds can go die.
Busy researching Elizabethan Sailors, and having not a lot of luck in that area. Thank goodness for The Order of St. Elmo (more on that in a bit).

Ergo a heads up- There will not be much posting this week or until midweek of next week. School ends a week from Tuesday.

On the brighter notes-
I have found the artist my Wed. jazz teacher always plays in class. Her name is Bebel Gilberto, and her music is awesome! Look her up on youtube or something. She's a Latin artist from Brazil and I love her voice. Her music is almost ethereal and sometimes it's quite mysterious. It's also very calming. I'm a fan. Now I don't have to wait for Wednesday to listen to her!

I have been making some progress in my story! Although it's a much later point in the plot, I felt like writing it and to be honest, you don't have to write things in order when you're writing fiction unless you have no idea what happens before that point.
Plus, writing PTSD is a great challenge. Make someone seem crazy and write from their POV. Sentence structure is different, phrasing is off, it's just a heap of fun.

Now for the Costuming and Blog stuff that really do go hand in hand, and have to do with RenFaire
 Yesterday I drove about an hour north in pouring rain (it was terrifying) to attend a costume lecture. The lecture itself was really interesting- even if I already knew most of the stuff that was talked about, it was good to have someone who knows what they're doing explain Elizabethan costume. I also found out that you never want to use commercial patterns for Elizabethan clothing. THEY'RE WRONG! Find something else if you want to be historically accurate. Most people who do these things for a living are really helpful when someone else shows interest in their passion.

Anyway, the lady running the costume lecture wanted us to introduce ourselves and say our troupe and role that we're playing. I introduced myself and stated "I'm playing a girl disguised as a boy sailor, named Anne Drew."
The costume lady then said, "Oh, I've heard about you- you're controversial." Most people laughed.
Darn tootin' I'm controversial!

It just so happened that two other actors were at the costume meeting and we started to talk about what we can do with my character- oh the fun we'll have! I also now have sources for information about Elizabethan seafaring folk, and am a member of The Order of St. Elmo (St Elmo is the patron saint of sailors). That's the group of people who portray historical sailors (and that's the best way I can sum it up right now).

I've decided that a good way to know how much I'm learning and get a grip on my character is to write a blog about all the stuff that I'm researching, all the stuff I learn at the RenFaire, and all of my character stuff. That way I keep all of that stuff on that blog- Tales of Anne Drew, and I keep all my real life stuff on this blog.

And now I need to go to work- then dash over to school for ASL practice and class.

Yo ho, Yo ho, A sailor's life for me!

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