Friday, August 9, 2013


Tell me I'm going to be okay.
Tell me I'm going to make friends and people won't think I'm odd and awkward.
Tell me that leaving my comfort zone, my home, my family, my Bristol, is going to be worth it.
Tell me that it wasn't a mistake that I got into this school.
Tell me that I might have a shot in hell at making it in this business.

I started packing for college today. My best friend is moving to Texas for school today. I'll be moving into my dorm next week.

I have my last night at work tonight. 

This weekend I say goodbye to Bristol until next year. I keep tearing up and hurting inside at the thought of leaving before the run of the Faire ends. My Faire family has been so supportive and caring to me this past year and a half. Even the thought of not playing with patrons on the weekend is heartbreaking.

I'm a little bit stretched, a little scared, and I don't like the unexpected upheaval that's happening inside of me right now.

I have an awesome roommate/suite mates for my dorm. I will have my Bristol friends living closer to me because I'll be in the city. I have a lot to look forward to, but I'm still terrified. My family will only be a train ride away, and I can come home when and if I need to.

I need to breath and trust that God's got his plan and it's going to work out for me to keep going to Roosevelt for these next four years. My family is taking it one year at a time, but it would be beyond amazing to be able to stay there. Right now, I need to make it past the first semester.

And packing....

Back to packing....

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