Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A Parade of Events

Snapshot time!

Things that I've accomplished lately-
I finished the school semester as of this morning! Due to presentations going overtime in my Western Civilization class, I had to give my presentation to my Professor over the phone this morning.
Oy Vey. Am I glad to get done with that class. Moving on.

I finished a "doublet" or "jerkin" type costume piece. I'm also putting a tiny bit of embroidery onto my white Ren Shirt and I'm hoping to start on my trousers and skirts in the new year, unless I find something awesome at GoodWill, which is where I get a lot of my re-purposed costumes. Really, with a little sewing and some trim, you can make anything look fantastic!

I was cast in my school's production of Parade! Had the first meeting on Monday night and I'm super excited. More on that in a minute.

Personal Update-
Life isn't easy, but I seem to be doing better. I think that's mainly because I have amazing friends who care about me and let me rant from time to time.
Teslacon was a much needed pick-me-up. I had the best time there and got to know some of my friends from Faire better. I don't know how, I came back from Teslacon and the difficulties in my life haven't changed, but I've been able to weather through a little bit more easily. Still having my moments from time to time, not nearly as bad as earlier this fall.
I've been trying to get together with some of my friends a little bit more too, or at least talk to them. I'd love to try and see as many friends (Bristol, College, and Otherwise- even all together!) as possible during my break from school.

Performance Update-
Teslacon was awesome as far as performing went. I got to play a very girly character which wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. Playing Anya did have it's challenges but I enjoyed every minute of it and am going to work on her character more throughout the year for the next Teslacon!

I auditioned for my college's production of Parade, and was cast as an Ensemble character. At first I'll admit that I was a little disappointed at first, but I honestly didn't expect to get a big role because my audition didn't go as smoothly as I had wanted and I didn't get a callback. My voice dried up a little bit during my audition and I was very nervous, but I was glad I put myself out there.
Looking through the number of people cast (about 35ish), and the number of people who auditioned (93), I realized just how fortunate I am to be in this production. Over 46 people were cut, and I made the cut. I'm used to being in productions of 80-100 kids. I always got dancer/townsperson roles, didn't get lines or solos in the musicals or anything. So to be in a cast of only 35-38 people is such an achievement for me.
It helps me think that maybe I am on the right track, maybe I can go places with my passion.

Writing and Characters-
I'm still writing, things just got pushed around a little bit with finals week and a few events. I'm hoping to write a few things on my AnneDrew blog about various things (not necessarily AnneDrew, but she might pop up a few times).

Many more things to come! Hopefully I'll have more time to post within the next few days.

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