Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Before I Go Crazy

This is my last week before the new school term starts. Yet, many of my "Normal" activities start this week. Where did break go, and did I really get one?

Work has picked up lately because we've lost two workers, much to my dismay, and therefore I've been getting more hours. More hours means more pay, and at the moment my life isn't so crazy that having more work hours is going to impact my life too much. We will see how that works out in the weeks to come, or at least until my manager hires some more employees.  I pulled my first 8 hour shift this week (which is unusual, I average 5-6 hours a shift with the occasional 4 or 7 hours), and it went by fairly well. Then came a 6 hour shift that seemed to take 12 hours. It really just depends on the business level. You can only do so much in a coffee joint when you've cleaned the whole area and are waiting for someone to come and buy gelato or espresso.

On a brighter note- dance starts up again this week! I'm a bit scared that my Ballet class will kick my butt tonight. However, I need to go if I want to be in shape for any college auditions, or any auditions in general. I had a moment of panic a few weeks ago when I realized that most of my Parade rehearsals (that starts Thursday!!!) are on Tuesday/Thursdays so I wouldn't be able to attend half of my dance classes. Then I remembered that the studio that I go to in the 'burbs has a drop in rate that will be less expensive than paying for two classes and missing almost half of them. Huzzah for saving $100 bucks! We'll put that in the tea/coffee fund because I have a feeling that I'll be drinking a lot of that stuff in the weeks to come.
Related to dance things: I really want to get fit this semester. WAIT- before you say "You're already fit you little silly." Keep in mind I haven't been dancing for about a month and have never been to a workout gym. What I mean is, I'd like to be in End of Season Bristol Shape as my normal, maybe even more so than that. I felt great this summer and I'd like to feel good all winter too. So to the gym, the indoor pool, and dance classes it is!

Now onto my writing endeavors.

Writing is going so many directions. I've got Anya clammering about a dress I just designed for next Teslacon (and have NO IDEA how I'm going to make it...or rather I have several ideas and need to write them out). I just finished an exercise in self-made deadlines by writing A Very Bristol Christmas (12 Days of AnneDrew). I was two days behind because life got in my way a couple times and I couldn't write cause I got sick and then had to cover some shifts at work. I still am very proud of myself for sticking to my project and getting it done.
My novel on the other hand...is giving me fits. The characters won't say what I need them to say and they aren't behaving and I don't know what a room looks like and I think I need to go over to UnassumingAzure's house and have a writing day so that she can help me. After all, we started the story together and she's always there to set me back on track when I get flummoxed!

All of that aside, I've got a few projects for writing that I want to accomplish on this blog. Aside from my "I haven't fallen off the face of the earth and discarded this blog" posts (like this one), I'd like to write more pointed posts about aspects of life. Case and point- a post on motivation to go to dance class with is something that I struggle with funnily enough. Will probably tackle that sometime soon. I'm going to try and make this blog more into a "personal essay" blog. I guess my "don't waste as time on the internet" resolution is now going to be "If you are on the internet for long amounts of time- Make It Worth It for Pete's Sake." Whoever Pete is...

So here I am, trying to wrap up this post so that I can stop the ranty laundry list postings and start essay posting on things that actually matter, like life lessons and books. Books are good. I like books.

Until Next Time-

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