Thursday, October 27, 2011

Family History

I always knew that my Great-Grandparents (parents of my grandmother) both came from Germany, met in America, got married, and then went back to Germany. There they saw what Hitler was doing and figured out he was bad new, they got on one of the last boats back to America before the ports were closed.
What I didn't know was that while they were back in Germany, my Great-Gandfather voiced his opinion about how he didn't like what Hitler was doing. A Hitler-Youth group decided to go beat up my great-grandparents, but fortunately they got wind of the plan and hid in a nearby forest. They decided that they couldn't stay, and got on one of the last boats out of the country.

I found this out today when my Nana took me out to Breakfast. I learned things about her that I never knew before. I know she was born in 1935, the middle of the Great Depression. After she graduated college, she went on a tour of Europe (10 countries!!!!) and visited with family in Germany. Her father had died only a couple weeks before she graduated, but her mother urged her to go on the tour and have fun. My Nana also went with my Aunt to New Zealand!
Needless to say- I learned a lot more about my Nana that I didn't know before. I love talking to her about what her life is like. I'm going to have to talk to her more often.

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