Sunday, February 26, 2012

Baby Steps.

Well, I auditioned for Bristol Ren Faire......

It was amazing! I'm feeling really hopeful, but I'm not pinning my dreams on getting into the cast. It would be amazing and a dream come true- but there is always next year too! I will always love Bristol whether I get in or not. It's because of Bristol that my dreams were filled with Tudors and Robin Hood when I was little. Not kidding. Every so often, I still have those dreams.

Now to tell about the audition itself.

First of all. I have never been so nervous for anything in my life. I almost started crying when I caught sight of the hotel where the auditions were held. Today I just had to keep reminding myself that God is going to take care of me and everything was going to go well with the audition.
My mom and I have been praying that God's plans will come through for me in this opportunity. We are praying that if it's not in God's plan for me to be in Bristol this year, it's because He has something bigger in store that can't happen if I was cast.

So I went into the hotel and found the area where they were holding the auditions and signed in. I met a few people who were auditioning and I started to stretch and warm up and lightly run through my audition. I think I was most nervous about the pieces I prepared. I wasn't worried about what the Directors might ask me to do, I was more nervous that I would mess up on my own pieces.
The Fight director came into the warm up room and let us all know that we would be starting soon and put us all at ease. Auditioning in front of 14 total strangers can be terrifying and he was great in explaining how things would go and what to expect.

Everyone was really good about saying that they just wanted to see what we could bring, and it was a total low/no pressure zone. Tons of fun! Just like the Faire itself. :)

So my turn for the audition (104! We started at 101, so I went 4th). I go in and see the team sitting around tables in a sort of semi circle. Right off the bat they start talking to me, asking me my name, if I've prepared some stuff, and they let me show my performances in the order that I was comfortable with. AKA- Singing, then Acting, then Dance.
Basically, your audition lasts 5 minutes and if you have extra time after doing your individual stuff they ask you to do some things.
The Fantastikal Director had me do some movement stuff with another director (I think the comedy one). She had me be Fire and the other girl Air and we interacted without words. Then she had me pretend to be a cat and the other girl was a dog and we interacted again. I didn't like dogs. ;) I pretended to scratch at the "dog" and hit the director interacting with me! I felt bad and apologized afterwards and she was totally cool. One of the other directors joked "Oh, we kick her all the time!"
Then they had me tell the story of the Three Little Pigs as Wendy from Peter Pan. They interrupted and asked me questions like "What were their names?" and "Why didn't the other pigs like straw?"
Then they had me project by introducing myself. I used my BIG voice. hehehe

So then I went back to the greenroom and hung out until they called the first 8 of us in for group improv. First we had to become a "machine" and speed up and slow down. That was pretty easy. Then we did an exercise where they "divided" an area into four parts. 1. Water. 2. Electricity. 3. No Gravity. 4. Total Gravity. We had to act out how that area impacted us.
Then they had us "pitch" ideas. I had to convince people that 2+2=5. :) In 10 seconds. It was great.

Lastly they had us line up and various Directors called us to talk to us. I got called by the Fantastikal Director! She said that I was doing good work. She also told me that if I make the cast she wouldn't want me to use ASL in my character, which I totally understand. She also said that this year there will be a smaller cast for the Fantastikals, so if I don't make the cut, come back next year.
The last thing she had me do was convey something to one of the directors with my eyes. Let's just say I pulled every once of pain and sadness I felt this week into my eyes.

So now we wait two weeks. I hope that I will have a job this summer in a place I've learned to call my fantasy "home." I know all the streets and where all the shops are. However, if God has other plans, that's okay and I'll move on!


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