Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Night of Homework

Quick update while I give my brain a break.

Fiddled around with the design settings, don't know if I like the new look. I was a bit tired of the red though.
So my applications are sent! YAY!!! *clappity clappity* One thing I can check off my list.

Got my psych paper done, and am working on my evil english paper. I might have my 10 required sources already (YES!), 5 biographies, 3 or 4 internet articles, and 2 of ACD's own books. I have to pick out which works I'd like to reference of ACD. Still, I know that I have some great references, I just need to read them all.

Tonight I will write a resume and select a headshot for my Ren Faire Auditions. I will choreograph most of my Ren Faire audition piece as well as Claire De Looney. I will consider this a well spent day. Maybe I'll indulge myself and watch an old film. I'm thinking Harvey Girls.
For my Ren Faire audition I'm going to do my version of The Firebird. Based on the ballet, based on the cartoon that Disney made for Fantasia 2000. If you have not seen it- look it up on youtube. I'm in love with that piece.

Today is one of those rare good days where I accomplish a lot and feel good about what I've accomplished.

Announcement- I will be adding character analysis to my posts. I know I've done book reviews, but I also really want to go into the characters of the books more than the plot. I've read some awful books that have brilliant characters.

So slight update, nothing really meaty that I have time (or inclination) to post about right now. Hopefully I'll have the time to post again soon!


  1. Old film with Judy Garland, really cute, very lighthearted. :)