Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The cliche post from someone who doesn't really like Valentine's day

First of all- it's St. Valentine's day. A day to celebrate how one man stood up to Rome when Rome declared that soldiers could not get married. Like that stopped them from fooling around (Rory excluded)...anyway.

Why do we feel the need to make such a BIG deal out of couple declaring their undying affection (and then breaking up two weeks later), and making single folks feel like horse manure? I can see the sentiment and everything, but really, this holiday has been blown out of proportion!

Cynical comment aside...I have been shown a great deal of love by two of my best friends. My "truddy" (Trio of Buddies) is great and I love them both dearly. They have really stood by me this year and we now have habits of doing little "pranks" that lift each other up.
One day they put quotes all over my walls- they are still up!
One day I helped to write notes on close-pins and stuck them all around the Doctor's room. ^_^ There were 50 of them!
A couple of days ago I get off of work and find that they "broke into" my car and put oragami hearts all around the interior and gave me the CD Stay Flat by the Flat Cats. I wasn't able to swing dancing this particular night and it made my day to know that they thought of me and when I got home, there were more hearts hidden all over my room! I still haven't found all 77 of them!

Besides these major events, I've had some great conversations with my Truddy and both of them are extremely dear to me.
My question now is- why do we just show love to each other in a major way on Valentine's day? Honestly, the only thing I can think of that I would ask of a future beau would be a sincere letter with some funny and witty things that I can carry around with me and read when I'm feeling down. But- I could also ask that of any of my friends and feel quite loved! In fact, I'm planning on writing a few of these types of letters to friends and I will give them out on random days to make them smile.

Diamonds are nice, but much to expensive. Flowers are best when they are single blossoms on ordinary days. Don't propose on a major holiday- it's a cop out.

Really and truly- the best way to make a person feel loved is to treat them specially on an ordinary day without worrying about finding "the perfect romantic gift." Seriously- just rent a movie and picnic in your living room with Chinese take out and have a few laughs! Surprise a friend with a mixed cd just because you thought they'd like the tunes (not on valentines day). Clean the house for your mother when she's out running errands (and not when she asks you to).

Valentines day is great for reminding someone they matter, but maybe in a small and sincere way. Personally I've always hated the holiday and I think it just ratchets up everyone's stress levels.

Now I've got to stop ranting and procrastinating on my homework. I've got a lot due on Thursday and even more to do in preparation for other things in life- like Ren Fair Auditions!


  1. Totally agree. I hear that the Doctor is closer to having found all 50.
    ...I like how the label for this post is "Truddy"

  2. The best part is, it's the only label! We win over Valentines day! haha sweet.