Friday, January 27, 2012

College Application Update.

At first I was going to apply to four schools.
Anderson, Eastern University, Hope, and PBA.

Then I found out that I would have to not only be accepted into Anderson's normal college before I could audition for the dance program, I would have to be accepted into the Arts and Sciences program as well. Needless to say, Anderson was off the list. It was last on my list anyway and that little piece of news sealed the deal.
Next, I start the application process for Eastern, Hope, and PBA. Hope has a scholarship program that I would have to audition for, but I don't have to audition to be in the dance program there.
The more I fill out things for the colleges, the more I feel drawn towards Hope and PBA...with Eastern on the side. Ergo- I have decided (for now) to put Eastern on the shelf. I'm not going to rule it out, but right now I don't feel like it's the place for me to go unless I visit the other two colleges and think "No way jose!"
Then yesterday I come home from community college and my mom tells me she wants to talk to me. Turns out since I will be a transferring freshman I cannot get that scholarship to Hope. My first reaction- I want to cry. I hate this whole application process, I'm worried sick that I won't be accepted and that I'll have to  rethink all of my options.
After my brain freaks out and my hearing returns so I can listen to what my mother is telling me, I find out that by being a transfer student with transferring credits I will save more money than if I got the scholarship.
With the scholarship I'd save about $10,000 total (over the four years). With my transferring credits I'm saving about $12-13,000. Crisis averted and I'm still applying to Hope.

So now it's down to one audition and two applications to finish. Now I do not need to take a lot of time off from work to go visit colleges and I have more time to prepare my REN FAIRE AUDITION!!!!
Sort of super excited? Sort of super nervous? Sort of waiting for this for YEARS! I still need to schedule my audition...oops. Putting that on the to-do list.
And I have more time to choreograph that evil piece of music otherwise known as....Clair De's making me loony (haha- two cups of coffee today!). Oh well, I said I would choreograph the piece and dance it for a friend's wedding, and I might as well get on it. I've got about 2 months until the wedding...but 2 months can go quite fast.

And now for the amusement and disgust of my readers (I found out that I have more than 4 readers!!! I have 5!!!), a story from English 102.
Scene: It's after class and I'm picking up my things so I can vamoose. Our teacher has assigned us to pick 3 authors as possibilities for our literary research paper, and we need to write a persuasive paper on an issue that we feel strongly about (ex. the legalization of marijuana, immigration, occupy wall street, etc). These are separate papers due at different times. The teacher has explained BOTH assignments several times during the course of the class.
As I'm getting ready to leave, a girl behind me asks "So why do we need to pick three authors for a persuasive paper?"
me: "We don't. We do a persuasive paper on an issue we feel strongly about."
girl: "Then why do we need to hand it in on tuesday?"
me: "We hand in our choice of authors on tuesday."
girl: "Then why are we picking authors if we're doing the persuasive paper on an issue?"
me: "We're picking authors for a research paper."
girl: "So we're not doing a persuasive paper?"
me: "We are doing a persuasive paper." (I'm working really hard to keep a straight face and not look at her like she's nuts) "We're also doing a research paper on an author later in the semester."
girl: "When did that happen?" (We found this out the second day of class...)
me: "The teacher talked about it in class."
girl: "Oh..."
This is where I let the friend of the girl take over and explain things. doesn't take that much to understand the assignments (our teacher emails them to us too). You're taking this class for a reason, at least pay attention long enough to figure out the assignments- correctly. My English teacher is very straightforward and good at explaining things. She explained both assignments several times.
This is also the girl who argued with my teacher about how she wasn't passing a note during class....let me roll my eyes. If you're passing a piece of paper with writing on it during class- it's a note. Even if it's a phone number or email for important reasons, it's a note. Even if it's a drawing of a cute little bunny, it's a note.

It was almost entertaining, as well as highly irritating.

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  1. Haha, that other student sounds like a cretin. +1 for fools!
    I hope all the college applications/auditions stuff goes well. I'll be praying for you!