Monday, January 23, 2012

Way to many things happening.

Quick update because my life is crazy right now.

School- started again last week. Love my professors- they're funny and keep me interested and make me want to pay attention and do well in my classes. Now I just need to get my textbooks.

Other Colleges- Applying to 3, Auditioning for 3 (hopefully). I have two weeks until the first audition. I'm a little nervous. A lot of things need to get done and life is only getting busier. I still need to write a paper for my first audition.

Dance- same as ever, going really well.

Auditions- I'm auditioning for a Ren Faire!!! I need to choreograph a dance and memorize a monologue.

Writing- Wish I had time for it! I really do! :( Maybe after auditions?

I also need to choreograph a dance that I will be performing at a friend's wedding. I'll be dancing to Clair De Lune, which is a beautiful song, but has no counts to choreograph to!!!! ARG ARG ARG!!!

So many things are happening, mostly good things actually. I'm in a better place than I have been of late. I'm just super busy and barely have enough time for everything that I need to get done. So blog posts might be farther apart right now.  


  1. Kaite, check out I use them a lot. You can usually get your for much cheaper. e.g. School bookstore = $413, Abebooks = $267.
    Good luck with all the school/college and dancing stuff!