Thursday, November 24, 2011

Birthday, Swing Dancing, and Turkey Stuffing.

Even more than turkey, I love stuffing. We have a ton of leftovers from Thanksgiving, since my family hosted. So I'll be easting Thanksgiving leftovers for weeks! Not complaining though- I'm a pro at making several different dishes out of mashed potatoes. :-P

So my birthday was Tuesday. My family and I went down to the Art Institute. I love the Art Institute, I haven't been there for a while, but it's really cool! Of course, I'm one of those people who think going to museums is fun.
Best thing about the day- getting to see the Edgar Degas statue of "Little Dancer of Fourteen Years." The museum has the statue on loan. It's one of the things I wasn't sure if I'd ever see, so being able to view it was really awesome! They also had some ballet paintings of Degas', I love those paintings.
Afterwards we came home and my friend, The Doctor, came over. Most amusing gift I got, a t-shirt of a coffee cup with the phrase "1 up." :-)
I've actually been going without coffee for a week, and I have to say, it's been really easy. Most of my friends tease me about my "coffee addiction," but now without any withdrawal or cravings, I can confidently say I'm not dependent on coffee. HA!
Btw- I still love coffee, I'm still going to drink it, I just wanted to prove that I am not addicted to coffee.

Yesterday, I went swing dancing. I've honestly never had so much fun at a swing dance before.  Pretty much danced with tons of great partners, messed up a lot, but it was so much fun! Being able to dance with some of the "regulars" at the swing dance really makes me want to get better as a dancer.
There was actually one middle-aged guy, who was very good, who could tell that I had ballet and jazz training. He also told me to stop apologizing when I messed up. I felt a bit stiff and uncertain, he totally picked up on that too. Apparently this guy has been dancing for 12 years. After we finished dancing he told me to keep on going, and that I get better every single day. I told him I'm going to major in dance, and he said that it's a perfect choice for me. Really cool moment there.

So That's a summary of what's been going on lately. Now I'm stuffed to the gills with turkey, stuffing, potatoes, and vegetables. Time to catch up on TV shows on Hulu and get some writing done!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

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