Saturday, September 17, 2011

Doctor Who

So anyone who knows me besides knowing that I love dance- should probably know that I love Doctor Who. Old series, new series, doesn't matter. I think the TV show is BRILLIANT! FANTASTIC! GERONIMO!
Also- loving the CD Still Got Legs (genre of Time Lord Rock- look it up!)

Doctor Who never ceases to give me inspiration and I (confession) often daydream about being swept away to the stars in a certain blue TARDIS. Just me, maybe a friend or two, and the Doctor. No, I wouldn't fall in love with him, but we'd be great friends. Have larks and laughs and eat weird combinations of food- like pickles and ice cream or fish fingers and custard. He might not look like David Tennant, Tom Baker, or Matt Smith, but he'd be fantastic. He might even be GINGER! He'd drive me nuts, but we'd laugh so much and I'd live for the running. A lot of running. Maybe one day he'd trust me with the sonic screwdriver. I'd be scared out of my wits sometimes, but I'd work past it all. Why? Because everyone is like that when they are with the Doctor.
Then one day- after a very long time, we'd part ways and I'd have to say goodbye. We'd be terribly sad, but both of us know that I'm human and I can't keep running and traveling and having fantastic times with the Doctor forever. I'd ask him to say goodbye for real, just so I wouldn't be waiting around forever for him to come back- like Wendy with Peter Pan. In a way- the Doctor is a kind of Peter Pan. He wouldn't forget me though, the Doctor doesn't forget people.
At least I'll never have to part ways with the TV show.

I wish I knew his real name...Does anyone know his real name?

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