Sunday, September 4, 2011

Managing, Merging, Adjusting

Finally, I have found a studio.
Finally I will start dance again.
When? I don't know, ASAP!!!
Other than the hope that my dance life will soon be taking an upturn (really though, anything would be an improvement over not dancing), life's pretty much the same. Still learning to cope with lack of social interaction and plenty of school and almost too much work. God's getting me through this, though not much else is. Most of the time I'm frustrated, stressed, and restless. I NEED DANCE! (see below post for elaboration)

This weekend I went up to the Bristol Renaissance Faire with two friends. I've been going to the Ren Faire since I was a wee tot (short for toddler jsyk). it's kinda like my second home in a weird sort of way. I can joke and trade commentary, or friendly insults, with pretty much anyone bold enough to try and make conversation with me. I can sit among Queen Elizabeth's court and talk to the nobility and catch a glimpse of the visiting French Prince. Poor thing, he thinks he's going to go home with a wife. Well, we all know how THAT ended!
They have these amazing Fairies at the Faire. Oberon among them. Yesterday I wore my elf ears and he noticed them. His eyes lit up and he touched his ear, a quizzical look in his eye. I touched my ear in response and nodded, respectfully bowing my head to the King of the Fey. I live for moments like those.

I bought a puzzle ring and have been taking it apart and putting it back together obsessively. The story is entertaining. The puzzle ring originated when the Sultan wanted a way to keep tabs on his wives (since he had over 100) and see how faithful they were. He gave them these rings, saying that they were the royal ring and should never be taken off. Of course, some of the wives decided to play hookey (because you can't really have much of a romantic relationship with your husband when he's got 100 other girls to kiss!) and left the ring at home while they snuck out to go clubbing with the cute city boys who were MUCH handsomer than the fat old Sultan!
Okay- so they didn't go clubbing, but you get the idea!
Anyway, these queens came home and found their rings undone and couldn't figure out how to put the puzzle back together. So they decided to go "persuade" the royal jeweler to help them.
Cute story...but once the jeweler taught one of them the trick, what's to stop them from assembling the rings themselves over and over again? That sultan was not very bright...
The fact that I can put my ring back together in under fifteen seconds says something about this puzzle. Although, I couldn't figure it out until the guy told me how to put it back together. I was REALLY close though!

Finally- a Cheery Post! Well, sort of. Cheeriest one yet.

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