Monday, September 19, 2011



As of TOMORROW I will start my next step in my dance journey! Tomorrow I get to go to a dance class at a studio near my house and try out a class because I have a "free class" card. It's a progressions and turns and leaps class. Something fun- you know?

Then next wednesday-
I have English from 9-10
Work from 11-3
Then I hop on the train and go into the city and attend the studio I have wanted to attend for months now! Two classes, one night, four hours of complete DANCE!!!!

I'm going to be SO tired. Luckily, I don't have to work the next day until one in the afternoon!!!

This is what is keeping me going this week. Last week it was really hard to keep my chin up. I almost broke down a couple times. No tears yet. In four weeks of a very stressed out me, not a single tear! Thank God, I have amazing friends who are always there for me and know how to cheer me up just by being there and spending time talking to me. So to all of you who hugged me, talked to me, let me listen to you talk about your life, listened to me talk about my lack of life, whatever- thank you. You all mean the world to me.


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