Tuesday, September 27, 2011


So this title sounds slightly odd yes? Well, I shall explain.
Usually to "re-purpose" something means to change something to suit another purpose. Like turning a flashlight into a lighter. Or a flower pot into a pencil cup.

I instead take the word and use it to describe a re-focusing. Realizing something and believe that this is your purpose.

Maybe I should explain more...

Yesterday I was freaking out about going to ______ dance school (insert name of dance school here- ask me if you don't know it yet :-p). I mean, I've never gone to a professional dance studio and taken class before. It's super intimidating. I'm going there Wednesday and I've been freaking out since Sunday. I've known that this is where I need to go, and dancing is something I need to do, but it's still a really scary thing.
So last night, I get home from school (thank you night classes!) and on my desk is the DVD from my dance camp where I figured out I needed to be dancing.

So I pop in the DVD and watch the performance. I almost start crying. It was like God was tapping me on the shoulder saying "See, you can do this!" I was watching myself and thinking about how- with a few months of training, I could get so much better, and I wasn't bad at all in the DVD. Anyone who knows me knows that I hate watching myself perform. I'm HYPER critical of myself in any type of performance. So, the fact that I couldn't come up with any super huge critique- is BIG.

I guess you could say last night I renewed my affirmation that I need to go to _______ dance studio. I'm still kinda scared and nervous, but who wouldn't be? I'm sure that it's going to be okay. Now if I can keep up with work, school, and dance (not necessarily in that order). The eternal quest to keep afloat in the sea of life. Thank goodness God is my navigator.

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  1. I heard you really enjoyed your dance class. That's good! I'm sure that you will definitely be able to keep up with all the different things you are doing this fall.
    I'm also happy to see that you are actually managing to keep up with posting on this blog too! I was always terrible about doing this kinda of thing - heck, I was barely able to do weekly videos for a year...
    Anyway, I'm enjoying the posts, so keep up the good work - and God bless!